Release Notes 2.2.00

Release Notice
August 29, 2018

You can now upgrade to the most current version of Kerauno without a sequential upgrade.

Client Care and the Engineering Teams are aware of the customers who have upgraded to Version 2.2.0 and are actively working to resolve those issues directly with the customers.

These updates will be bundled into a patch release Version 2.2.01, currently slated for this Tuesday, September 4.

If you have already upgraded to Version 2.2.0 and have any questions related to your service, please contact Customer Care.

New Features

  • Chat+ and SMS
    • [BETA] Kerauno now supports SMS! Users can interact with contacts via SMS by using Chat+ and creating an SMS channel.
    • Added the "/giphy" command in Chat+.
    • Added unread badge indicator for Chat+ on the navigation bar in the User Interface.
  • Dial Plans
    • Added functionality to add randomized pins to Near Domestic and International Dial Plans at the end of system installation.
  • Users
    • Added the ability to include Bolt Username and Bolt Password in the Welcome Email.
  • Devices
    • Updated firmware on Yealink T42S, T46S, and T48S models.

Updated Functionality

  • Wallboards
    • Greatly improved performance and stability
      • Note: The new Wallboards do not yet support HTTP. They are designed to work with HTTPS. If you are not able to reference the HTTPS link, you can reference the old Wallboards as a work around. And, there is also a new URL for the Wallboards. Be sure to update the URL to receive the updated Wallboards.
  • Backup and Restore
    • Improved verbiage on Restore Backup prompt for clarity.
    • Improved efficiency by decreasing the size of the backup file.
  • Licensing
    • Added the ability to see License Limits in the User, Generic Faxes, Generic Voicemail, Generic Extensions, Parking Lots, and Ring Group modules for ease of use.
  • Call Flow
    • Updated Default Inbound Call Flow verbiage for clarity and consistency.
    • Updated Call Flow verbiage throughout the UI for consistency.
  • Workflow Tools
    • Updated the title on the VPN Configuration module for consistency.
  • Bolt
    • Updated codec signaling to improve call quality.
  • Users
    • Separated the "change username" functionality into its own section to avoid conflicts with changing other aspects of a user.
  • Devices
    • Updated configuration for Polycom models to decrease spam calls that do not hit the system's firewall.
  • Faxing
    • Updated the faxing system to improve stability and reliability when sending faxes.
  • Reporting
    • Added total talk time to the PDF output of downline reports to provide more comprehensive information.
  • General
    • Updated the styling/theme for Chat+ to be more consistent with Kerauno style/theme.
  • Security
    • Added some security updates to the Update process.
    • Made security improvements in the back end of the system.
    • Improved the process to obtain and renew an SSL cert for Hosted environments for customer convenience.
    • Added security improvements to AutoExec that will only allow traffic from whitelisted IPs in the Firewall.
  • Logging
    • Increased verbosity for logging of automatic functions for quicker processing.
  • Network and Firewall
    • Removed required asterisk on Secondary Interface Settings in Firewall Management module for clarity.

Bug Fixes

  • Devices
    • Fixed an issue where not all feature codes were working as intended on Cisco SPA504G models.
    • Fixed an issue where Generic Extensions would not register properly to Yealink CP860 models.
  • Reporting
    • Fixed a rare issue where CDRs would stop recording after a reboot.
    • Fixed an issue where the CDR reports for all users would appear in the export and PDF despite only a single user being selected.
    • Fixed an issue where records would not be visible in the Abandoned Calls tab of the Ring Group Call Details report to ensure all appropriate records are visible.
  • Dial Plans
    • Fixed an issue where subnet routing for emergency calls was not working properly.
  • Ring Groups
    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect tool tip was being displayed for Agent Announcement in the Ring Group module.
  • User Panel
    • Fixed an issue where graphs within the user panel would sometimes load incorrectly; graphs now load as intended.
  • Users
    • Fixed an issue where the Fax-to-Email setting would not persist when enabled during user creation.
    • Fixed an issue that incorrectly enabled Bolt Softphone as Primary Device on user creation when Bolt was enabled but Bolt Softphone as Primary Device was unselected.
  • Trunk Analytics
    • Fixed an issue with the Trunk Analytic Number Frequency Report where total talk times would be incorrect; total talk times now display as intended.
  • Bolt
    • Fixed an issue where Bolt users could not be created on new ISOs.
  • Calls
    • Fixed a rare issue where CDRs would not work on a new ISO.
  • In-Call Analytics
    • Fixed an issue where downloading a recording was unavailable for calls that were initiated with click-to-dial.
  • API
    • Fixed an issue where the API would be inaccessible.
  • Interface Routing
    • Fixed an issue where Interface Routing rules would not account for different interface names in Premise instances.
  • Presence
    • Fixed visibility issues when the Presence tab was collapsed for more than 30 seconds.
    • Fixed an issue where Call Recordings would remain within Presence after an extension was deleted for audit purposes.
    • Fixed an issue where an icon was missing in the custom agent status of the Presence module.
  • Presence/Workflow Forms
    • Fixed an issue where an incorrect notification of submission of a Workflow Form would be displayed after a new call was initiated.