(Beta) Video Meetings

(Beta) Kerauno Video Meetings Introduction

Kerauno's video conferencing powered by BlueJeans features collaboration tools delivered through an intuitive experience with a focus on quality. This functionality is currently in Closed Beta.

This feature includes popular tools such as screenshare, record, and integration with Kerauno's Phonebook without requiring users to maintain a separate account for video conference services. 

Feature Highlights: 

  • Dolby HD Audio/Video
  • Join a meeting via one click
  • Invite internal and external users
  • Preview video feed prior to joining a live meeting
  • Easy access to recorded meetings
  • Up to 25 participants per meeting
  • Robust in-meeting moderator controls
  • Initiate video conference via Phonebook, Contact search, or individual link
  • View scheduled meetings
  • Share meeting invitation externally via email or Chat+

Video Meetings are available for Kerauno Enterprise and Pro licenses. Kerauno Business license users can attend video conferences when provided a valid invitation link but cannot schedule or host meetings.

Note: Use Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or similar browser for an optimal video meeting experience. Internet Explorer is not supported. A browser plug in may need to be installed when accessing this feature for the first time. 

Join a Meeting

A Meeting ID is required to enter a video meeting. Invitations sent via Chat+ or email contain a hyperlink for the meeting. 

Note: Be sure to check your SPAM folder if you are not receiving email invitations for a video meeting. 

Invite link in Chat+:

When an impromptu meeting is created by a Host, an email and Chat+ message are routed to all invited attendees.  Users can click the Meeting URL to launch the meeting in another browser window. 

Join audio only:

When video is not convenient, meetings can be joined via audio only with the provided phone number.

Start video meeting from within Chat+ thread:

Navigate to a Channel or Direct Message thread for an individual you wish to meet with and click the video icon. Chat+ messages are automatically routed to the recipients. 

Enter a topic name that indicates the meeting content which helps invitees determine if their presence is necessary. Then click Start Video.

Join option via Video Conferencing tab: 

Enter the provided meeting ID on the Video Conferencing screen.  

Meeting Experience

Select audio preferences prior to joining the meeting once clicking a join link.

Enable video at the top of the screen to preview your appearance and surroundings in your video frame prior to joining the meeting. Click Join Meeting Now when ready. 

Meeting Controls

A variety of controls are available during a meeting at the top of the video display.  

Top navigation options include basic interactions such as share video, mute audio, share screen, and end call.  


Click the camera icon to enable or disable your video feed. 


Click the microphone icon to mute/unmute or add an audio source when not already connected. 


Click the monitor icon to share your screen. Select the window to share and click Share.

End Call

Click the phone icon to drop from the meeting. 

Additional options include meeting attendees, chat, and general settings. 


View a list of current meeting participants. The panel defaults to display all participants. Click Who's Talking to identify individual participants.  


This panel defaults to display open chat for all participants. Click Direct Messages to message individual participants.


Available settings during a video meeting. Adjust view, turn on/off camera, select audio source, and mute/unmute. 

Video Conferencing Best Practices

When joining audio via telephone, mobile, or conference room device: 

  • Avoid using speakerphone whenever possible. 
  • Mute yourself anytime you are not speaking.

When joining video and audio through your computer or device: 

  • Preview your video feed prior to joining a meeting.
  • Do not connect via telephone or join in multiple tabs to avoid echo and voice disturbances. 
  • Mute yourself anytime you are not speaking. 

Video Hosts

A Video Host is a UCaaS user that can schedule, host, and manage video meetings. A UCaaS Admin must configure this access via Users & Devices > User Management > Video tab.

Bulk Import can also be used to configure multiple users enabled as Hosts or to add new host users at once.  

Note: When a Video Host is disabled, their personal video meeting link is no longer displayed on the Kerauno Dashboard, the Video Conferencing module is limited to the Actions tab where they can join a meeting by entering a meeting ID, and they can no longer schedule video meetings. 

Personalized Video Conference Link

From the main Dashboard, hosts are provided a custom Meeting Room URL. This link does not change and is used for all meetings scheduled by the host.  

Video Conferencing Menu

A Video Conferencing menu is available from the User Panel. Hosts can join, schedule new, review future meetings, and view previous meetings from this screen. 


Join or schedule a meeting from the Actions tab. 

Click Schedule New Meeting to schedule a meeting for a future date. 

Schedule New Meeting modal:

Attendees can be added by using the search feature or select attendees from the list provided. 

Note: Hosts can invite as many meeting participants as preferred, however meetings are capped at 25 participants total.
Add additional guests by entering individual email addresses separated by a comma. Click Schedule when finished populating the meeting invite. Attendees receive an email with the invitation details. 

Scheduled Meetings

Future meetings appear on this tab. Hosts can copy the meeting link for sharing, cancel the meeting, or click the hyperlink when it’s time for the meeting to begin. 

Note: Once a meeting is scheduled and changes are needed, use your regular calendar application to edit the meeting information. Changes made in your calendar application are not reflected in the Kerauno UI. 

Cancel Meeting

When a meeting must be cancelled altogether, click Cancel. Add comments to communicate the cancellation reason and click Submit. All original meeting attendees will receive an email regarding the cancellation. 


Past meetings are accessible from this tab. Select dates for the search criteria and click View History. Results display meeting history start/end date and time, duration, and actions including view attendees and download recording.   

Host a Meeting

Meetings can be established on the fly or scheduled for a specific date and time. 

Impromptu Meetings

Invite meeting attendees to attend an impromptu meeting whenever needed through a variety of options. Invitations can be sent through Kerauno user contact card available via the Phonebook, Reporting, Chat+, and User Search. Meeting invite recipients receive an email and Chat+ message with the meeting details and join link. Click the video icon as displayed below throughout Kerauno to automatically route a Chat+ message along with an email invitation to the user. Kerauno automatically launches the meeting portal.

User Search

Phonebook Search

Copy & Paste invite

Click the copy icon to route your meeting ID and corresponding join instructions, which can then be shared via email, Chat+, or SMS. Click the Meeting Room URL to open the meeting.


You can join the meeting by clicking the link below.

Meeting URL:


If you'd like to dial in by phone,

Dial: +1.408.740.7256

Kerauno Meeting ID: 9110288755 followed by #

User Panel invite

Click the share icon to invite users to a video meeting: 

Select meeting participants from the available list or add additional email addresses:

Users with Chat+ enabled receive an email meeting invitation as well as a Chat+ message. Users without Chat+ and any external users receive only an email meeting invitation. 

Click Send Group Meeting Invites when finished adding guests. Click your personal Meeting ID hyperlink on the Dashboard to launch the meeting. 

Schedule in Advance

Click Schedule New Meeting on the Video Conferencing tab. 

Populate the meeting invite. Use the Search field to identify attendees or choose from the displayed list. Add additional guests by entering individual email addresses separated by a comma.

Click Schedule when finished. Scheduled meetings that have not yet occurred display on the Scheduled Meetings tab. 

Note: Once a meeting is scheduled and changes are needed, use your regular calendar application to edit the meeting information. Use the Cancel feature within Kerauno to cancel the meeting entirely. 

Delegate Moderator Privileges

A meeting Host can share the Personal Room Moderator Passcode with an individual to manage the meeting. The passcode is displayed on the Host's Scheduled Meetings tab.

Note: Moderator passcodes cannot be changed and should be shared with discretion. 

Upon joining the meeting, click Start meeting as moderator

Click Enter Passcode and enter the provided passcode from the meeting host, then click Start as Moderator

You will be directed to join the meeting again, where you will have moderator controls. 

In-Meeting Moderator Controls

A Host or designated Moderator are provided additional tools to manage meeting settings, participants, and control the general experience. 


Mute/Unmute All

Click the people icon in the top right corner of the meeting. A Mute control appears at the bottom of this tab.  

Control Attendee Presence

Click the user's name to display control options and analyze any call quality issues.  


Click the settings icon in the top right corner of the meeting and select Settings. Available moderator controls are displayed including audio and display options.  

End Call

Click the phone icon to drop from the meeting. Select the amount of time the remaining participants can stay on the call (up to 30 minutes).