Updated Articles

  1. Release Notes 2021.04.1

    2021.04.1 Release Release Dates:  Partner/New Customer Release Availability: Starting April 16th General Release Availability: Starting April 19th New Major Features  Lynk - Softphone Reimagined Brand new softphone mobile a...
  2. SynkUp Quick Reference Guide

    SynkUp Meetings SynkUp is Synkato's video share feature that allows you to host and join SynkUp video meetings. This offers the ability for screen share and meeting recordings. To get started using this feature, make sure your Synkato instan...
  3. Lynk Softphone Quick Reference Guide

    Machine Requirements Synkato Desktop Application only for the Lynk Desktop Application Enabling the Integrated Softphone on a User Once the Lynk Softphone is enabled on the system, you can enable the Lynk Softphone on Users.  The option ...
  4.  Change Voicemail PIN

    How to Change Voicemail PIN
  5.  Send a Fax

    How do I send a fax through Synkato?
  6.  Chat+ Overview

    How do I use Chat+ in Synkato's platform to collaborate with my team?
  7.  Enable Do Not Disturb

    How do I enable Do Not Disturb so my presence is unavailable?
  8.  Download Phonebook PDF

    How do I download my Synkato phonebook PDF?
  9.  Add or Change a Mobile Number

    How do I add or change my listed mobile phone number?
  10. Release Notes 2021.02.1

    2021.02.1 Release Release Dates:  Partner/New Customer Release: February 12th  @ 5PM EST General Release: February 19th @ 5PM EST General Improvements Major Faxing Users on hosted systems are now able to send a fax via...