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  1. Release Notes

    Kerauno Release Notes
  2. User Panel

    The User Panel is the landing screen after logging in to Synkato and contains an overview of user settings, at a glance call statistics, as well as shortcuts to additional Synkato features.
  3. Synkato Desktop Application

    The Synkato Desktop Application offers power users and administrators concerned with system configuration an alternative to operating in a browser-based experienced. Power users who work in Synkato all day don't have to worry about getting lo...
  4. Start Here!

    Getting started
  5. Help & FAQs

  6. Bolt Mobile Application Quick Reference Guide

    Download Bolt Mobile Application Download the Bolt Mobile application from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store . Open the application on your device once the Bolt Mobile is installed.  Log In Login credentials were communicated i...
  7. Algo & Multicast Paging

    What is Multicast? Multicast facilitates bandwidth savings while paging a larger number of stations at one location. Multicast works with the Algo 8301 Relay Device to accomplish paging en mass via one datastream. Recipients can subscribe to mult...
  8. Call Ring Groups

    A call ring group is a virtual extension that rings to multiple end-points. Access this screen to create and manage Call Ring Groups.
  9. Device Requirements for Bolt Softphone (Desktop + Mobile)

    Kerauno Bolt - Desktop Client System Requirements Processor Minimum: Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz Recommended: i5 / i7 2.4 GHz and above Memory Minimum: 4GB RAM Recommended: 8 GB RAM and above Hard Disk Space ...
  10. Find Me

    Find Me call routing allows a user to forward calls to another extension or mobile phone.