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  1. Release Notes

    Kerauno Release Notes
  2. User Panel

    The User Panel is the landing screen after logging in to Synkato and contains an overview of user settings, at a glance call statistics, as well as shortcuts to additional Synkato features.
  3. Start Here!

    Getting started
  4. Synkato Desktop Application

    The Synkato Desktop Application offers power users and administrators concerned with system configuration an alternative to operating in a browser-based experienced. Power users who work in Synkato all day don't have to worry about getting lo...
  5. Help & FAQs

  6. Find Me

    Find Me call routing allows a user to forward calls to another extension or mobile phone.
  7. Synkato Presence

    The Action Bar is shown at the top of the screen and allows you to quickly initiate calls, transfer calls, place calls on hold or even create impromptu conference bridges.
  8. Release Notes 3.0.0

    Important Notes: Upgrade Process The 3.0 upgrade is larger than normal by about 6x (280MB). This may impact the time it takes to complete a system upgrade depending on the internet connection to each instance. Those instances currently on ...
  9. Call Ring Groups

    A call ring group is a virtual extension that rings to multiple end-points. Access this screen to create and manage Call Ring Groups.
  10. Available Widgets

    There are different Widgets available in Presence which provide different functionality. Each widget takes up one panel within a dashboard.