Kerauno Administration Videos

Videos illustrating common Kerauno administration tasks.


These videos demonstrate how to work with Announcements in Kerauno.

Conference Rooms

Information about adding leader-based and ad-hoc conferences rooms.

Workflows Videos

These videos demonstrate creating Workflows and Workflow functionality.


 Add an External Speed Dial
How to Add an External Speed Dial
 Add a New Department
How to Add a New Department
 Add a New Device
How to Add a New Device
 Add a New User
How to Add a New User
 Add a Number to Blacklist
How to Add a Number to Blacklist
 Add a Ring Group
How to Add a Ring Group
 Apply a Kerauno Update
How to Apply a Kerauno Update
 Create a Voicemail Blast
How to Create a Voicemail Blast
 Update User Settings
How to Update User Settings